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Passport to Danger Preview

Chapter 1

The letter that would change Billy’s life rested deep in a large canvas basket in a corner of the post office on board the Queen Mary. It would be another day on the Atlantic Ocean before it would arrive at the New York Post Office. Several additional days would be required before being delivered to the home of the Schmidt family in Northport on Long Island.

At that moment, unconscious and in distress, Billy lay sweating in his bed while the doctor examined him for the third time within twenty-four hours. Billy was still struggling for air. His family was led to believe that every hour he survived was positive for his recovery. Yesterday there was concern as to whether he would make it through the night. Now the doctor dared to suggest that he may have seen the first signs of improvement. Doctor Norton had his mother refill the humidifier in the room while he administered the medicine by injection.

The doctor met with the parents outside the patient’s room while his sister, Greta, remained at Billy’s bed-side. “I believe he has a fifty-fifty chance to make it. There is nothing more we can do. He is young and strong. I’m encouraged that the worst may be over.”

“He vill live…yes, Doctor?” asked his mother.