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Chapter Nine

       Alexander R. King was sitting at his desk reading a paperback. It was a James Patterson mystery novel, involving the detective Alex Cross. It was an old book that he just never got around to reading. While he didn’t read much, he liked books by James Patterson. He told his secretary to hold all calls. Nothing important ever came by way of the phone, anyway. If it’s important, it will be in a letter. He saw the phone light up several times, but shortly thereafter the light on the phone buttons went out. When the lights came on a fourth time, his secretary came over the intercom and told him that this woman was not about to give up and it might be wise for him to take the call. Without saying a word, he picked up the phone. “Doctor Alexander King. How may I help you?”he said using his most professional voice.
       “Doctor King. I’m Tillie Larson from Apex Medical Insurance. It is my responsibility to check on insurance payments to nursing homes to make sure all claims are legitimate. I have some questions about several of your claims and would like to discuss them with you… personally. When would be a convenient time?”
       “What seems to be the problem?” Perspiration immediately presented itself on Dr. King’s brow. “We are very careful about the claims we make.”