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Buck’s War Preview

Chapter 1

Spring came and passed quickly on Long Island. The winter was cold and the early spring was wet. Then on the first week of May the temperature abruptly turned to summer. Buck was sitting in the classroom trying to pay attention to his English teacher, Mrs. Shumway, who was reciting one of Shakespeare’s sonnets. His mind, however, refused to cooperate. It kept returning to his decision. Since the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor he had been thinking about the war almost exclusively and what his role should be.

The birds were singing outside the open windows of Mineola High School and the trees were almost in full bloom, sprinkling their pollen everywhere. The crabapple trees were putting on quite a show and the dogwood on some streets were breathtaking. It was time to be in love but Buck’s heart just wasn’t in it. His thoughts were of the war and when he should join. Other guys talked about enlisting after graduation but they were also making plans for summer jobs and for the Fourth of July. Buck doubted their sincerity.