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William F. “Bill” Kelly is the author of three novels set in the historical context of World War II. His latest novel “In for a Dime” is contemporary and explores the relationship of an eighty year old widower who has not recovered from the loss of his wife and a nineteen year old runaway young lady. The title suggests that maybe there is more to the story than is first recognized.

Bill Kelly has had a diversified and unusual career. After a public grammar school education, he attended a boys parochial high school and from there spent eight years in the seminary to become a missionary priest. He didn’t become a priest but went to Alaska and taught Eskimos in a remote village the first two years that Alaska was a state.

Bill has been a teacher, administrator, director of training in construction, a safety trainer and consultant. He has traveled extensively in Europe and North and South America because of work and pleasure. He has lived in Europe, New York, Michigan, Texas and now Alabama.

He and his wife, Polly, spent three years building a Geodesic Dome on a nearby lake when he retired. This was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Now he fills his days writing stories that explore the human condition.


Bill is a member of the “Birmingham Quill Club” and “Alabama Writer's Conclave.”